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Quote of the day

It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.

Jackie Joyner-Kersee

looking ahead by Max Ch (maxch) on 500px.com
looking ahead by Max Ch


Quote of the day

The best and most beautiful things in life cannot be seen, not touched, but are felt in the heart.

Helen Keller

Feeling by Viktor Vitishko (ViktorVitishko)) on 500px.com
Feeling by Viktor Vitishko

A confusing day on the internet – what happened?

Most of you might have noticed that certain websites are blacked out or do not offer all the services today. The reason being: They are striking against a new law that shall be passed in the US Congress in the near future to fight online piracy. Sounds good, but actually opens the door for the US government to censorship of domains and websites on the internet. Please watch the following video that explains it all in very simple terms.

I think, this is definitely something that shall not pass the US Congress and become a law as it gives the government and the media industry in the US the power to dictate what can be shared on the internet and I see it as a form of censorship. Don’t get me wrong I am against online piracy and something needs to be done about it. On the other hand, it is not like that Hollywood movies or some famous bands or singers are loosing so much money that they cannot live anymore. As far as I do remember they are already laws in place for companies to restrict access or even bring down file sharing sites.

I know many people might also think that a law in the US will not directly affect them, but the internet is global and information are shared globally as well. And I can assure you that as soon as this bill will become legislation in the US, some countries in the EU will certainly jump on the waggon and will pass an equally restricting law in Europe. Do we really want a government or powerful corporations to censor material on the web to such a big extend. Is this better than what the Chinese or Iranian governments are doing? I don’t think so.

Therefore, please join the cause and sign the petition for foreign people or if you are living in the US send an email to your representative to stop this bill. Check these websites today:




Please also let me have your thoughts.

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