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Is London not beautiful?

For this post I got inspired by my girl friend who discovered a lot of interesting things while having a little walk in our neighbourhood. She likes to go down to the Thames river bank enjoys the views over London, fresh air and the sound of the waves. However, on this occasion she made some shocking pictures of stranded rubbish that was swept onto the little bank we have only 2 minutes next to our home. I was surprised to see so much stuff. I know that the Thames is not the cleanest river of all and you can usually see that the water is not really clean, but the amount of plastic and rubbish in this river is just ridiculous. I think the pictures say it all.

By the way the red basked on the left was not even damaged and we have now in our storage cupboard.

What does a coconut have to do in the Thames?

This little duck seems to have escaped the bathtub and was looking for a bigger adventures.

The most concerning thing for me is that all the plastic rubbish will be swept out onto the sea and over many, many years will make its way into our food chain and will ultimately end up in our bodies. Therefore, we decided to go down to the river bank again on our next day off and collect all this rubbish and put it where it belongs –  in the bin. Anyone joining?


Is recycling really difficult?

Alright, today I need to let some steam go off in this blog post. For the past 3 month we (my girlfriend and I) have a big blue wheely bin outside our house for all our recycling and additionally, a small brown bin for all the food waste. Something I am used to since I am a small child. Apparently, not os for many of my house mates. But this is not the actual problem, the problem seems to be the ignorance and misinformation about recycling. When be first started to separate our glass, plastic and paper from the general waste, most of our flatmates did not join at all and just continued throwing everything into the general waste. When we talked to them about the issue they willingly listened and explained that they do not know how to recycle and what can be recycled. Therefore, we made some pictures and explained it all to them and put some instructions next to the bin. It was working maybe for a few days and then everything went back to normal and all rubbish was landing in the general waste bin. One comment we received was if we really believe that recycling will help the environment at all and that it all is just a big scam or hoax. Really????? I could not believe what I was hearing…!

Recycling by Nour El Refai (nourelrefai)) on 500px.com
Recycling by Nour El Refai

Anyway, we continue to get our hands dirty by getting plastic, paper, cans and other recyclable stuff out of our general waste bin. We will also continue reminding everybody in our house share what proper recycling looks like and why it is important.

Do you have similar stories? Please share them!

People in the UK love to shop online

Nothing new, but numbers are still increasing with rapid speed. When I checked some data on the UK market, I was quiet surprised to see that the UK is leading in Europe when it comes to online shopping. According to IMRG, e-retailing sales in the UK will rise to an estimated 81 bn Euros in 2011. The current per capita spend of 1333 Euros per year bring the UK to spot number 1 in spending money online. This is definitely new for me, but well done UK and thank you for being such a great market. On a funny note, it seems like that the computer skills of online customers have evolved a lot, since this happened in 1999, When Online Shopping Flops.

(This happened to a friend who worked as tech support at an ISP around 1999.)

Me: “Thanks for calling [ISP] how can I help you?”

Customer: “Hi, I was buying this skin care cream online, and then something happened. I need you to send someone here!”

Me: “Alright, Ma’am, can you tell me what happened?”

Customer: “The internet swallowed my credit card!”

RAOK Suggestion #15 Buy something on the internet

Image by garethjmsaunders via Flickr

Me: “I see, can you describe how it happened?”

Customer: “I put the cream in the basket, clicked the checkout option and then it said it was going to ask for my credit card on the next step, then it simply swallowed it!”

(I go through 10 minutes of attempts to try and find out what actually happened, before sending someone over. It turns out she inserted the credit card inside the Floppy Drive to pay the order.)

Great figures for the businesses, but what does the customer think. Personally, I buy a lot of things online, but not everything. I stick to tickets for flights, buses and other transportation, the occasional book from amazon, from time to time some Tesco shopping. I recently even started to play some lottery online, so that I at least have a little chance to win the Euromillions at one point!!!

In general, the online shopping experience is more or less the same when you look at the actual website and so on. However, there are big differences when it comes to services that are related to online shopping – the delivery! I have to agree with an article I read in the guardian about online shopping in the UK that the customer service in regards to delivery is better from Tesco, where you have the option of choosing your 2 hour slot for delivery, than with deliveries from amazon or other online retailers, where you never know when they will turn up or at least don’t have a choice. This seems to be a big aspect for most online customers. This might also have helped Tesco to claim spot number 3 on the top 100 hot list of online retailers according to the IMRG. Surprising, not really!!!

But what are you as a reader thinking about the delivery of your online shopping. Now, I would like to give you a chance to have your say on which delivery options you as a customer prefer most.

Delivery in Biratnagar (Nepal).

Image via Wikipedia

Going back to the business side of things… I am very grateful for the above mentioned figures and I am happy that excellent customer service with delivery times of your choice are important for customers. This knowledge will also give me and my business the opportunity to strive now and in future years to come with delivering to my customer’s doorstep without any surcharge and a delivery time that will suit them.

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