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A little inspiration for today

I did find this really great piece of text that really made me think a lot about the little things we can do each day to live a happy life. It does not always have to be something big or challenging. Just read it yourself and let me know what you think. For me this sums up all the important things in life and I will make it happen. I do actually will print it out when I am back at home and put it on my wall, so that I can get reminded. Enjoy reading and living up to it!


A confusing day on the internet – what happened?

Most of you might have noticed that certain websites are blacked out or do not offer all the services today. The reason being: They are striking against a new law that shall be passed in the US Congress in the near future to fight online piracy. Sounds good, but actually opens the door for the US government to censorship of domains and websites on the internet. Please watch the following video that explains it all in very simple terms.

I think, this is definitely something that shall not pass the US Congress and become a law as it gives the government and the media industry in the US the power to dictate what can be shared on the internet and I see it as a form of censorship. Don’t get me wrong I am against online piracy and something needs to be done about it. On the other hand, it is not like that Hollywood movies or some famous bands or singers are loosing so much money that they cannot live anymore. As far as I do remember they are already laws in place for companies to restrict access or even bring down file sharing sites.

I know many people might also think that a law in the US will not directly affect them, but the internet is global and information are shared globally as well. And I can assure you that as soon as this bill will become legislation in the US, some countries in the EU will certainly jump on the waggon and will pass an equally restricting law in Europe. Do we really want a government or powerful corporations to censor material on the web to such a big extend. Is this better than what the Chinese or Iranian governments are doing? I don’t think so.

Therefore, please join the cause and sign the petition for foreign people or if you are living in the US send an email to your representative to stop this bill. Check these websites today:




Please also let me have your thoughts.

Friends of glass

Here we go it is 20 minutes to midnight and I still have not started my post. I was thinking for the past hour about what I can share with you from today  and I has an interesting little story that I wanted to share with you, but then I got hooked on that little facebook game from friendsofglass.

During my time studying at Oxford Brookes University I had a little part-time job helping out to promote friendsofglass and their campaign. During this time, I learned a lot about the power of social media and about glass. Additionally, I met a lot of really interesting people online and offline.

Some of my friends on facebook and some followers on twitter might have already seen the game as I posted already about it. However, I thought it definitely is worth a blog post as well.

First of all, I like share a few things about friendsofglass. It is a non-profit organisation and initiative from FEVE, the European Container Glass Federation, and should raise awareness about glass a packaging material. As you might have noticed, plastic, tetrapak and other packaging materials have taken over from glass for many products. However, glass has some amazing benefits that should bring it back to fashion. One of the main reasons glass should be used more often is that is can be 100% recycled and over and over again without loosing any its characteristics. Check out a list of some more reasons why you should use glass wherever you can. Additionally, you might have read in my recent post about plastic bottled water that there is some serious health risks from drinking out of plastic bottles as chemicals can leak into the water.

But back to friendsofglass and their creative stuff they come up with. Check out the amazing facebook game that they have on their facebook page. The aim it to  recycle 5000 virtual bottles by inviting 4 of your friends to join you in drinking some water out of a bottle, then passing it to your chosen friend and create a cycle that will allow you to finish the bottle and recycle it. It is cute and has very cool graphics. Just love it! So, please join to cause, drink and recycle.

Another great stuff is Hank – The singing bottle. Check out the video here:

Leere Flaschen/empty bottles

Image via Wikipedia

All in all, I think it is great stuff for a really good and important reason. If you have a twitter account please join #tweetrecycle, just let the world know how much you recycle in the real world and have fun tweeting to other people who like to do their bit in reducing out impact on the environment, bottle by bottle by bottle. Have fun and next time you are in the supermarket shopping think twice and look for glass packaging as an alternative.

This cause or campaign shows what can be done with social media to get people interested. Make it fun, interesting and use all the tools that are available (video, platforms, games, interactive maps and so on). Do you already use social media to that extend for your business? Do you have a cause that you are supporting? Or do you just like to share your insights about the use of social media in your area of interest, please let me know!

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