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Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.

Helen Steiner Rice


7 billion people – cheers or fears?

According to the United Nations, 7 billion people are inhabiting the planet earth since 31st October 2011. With this enormous number and the challenges humankind is facing now and in future years to come, it is definitely something to think about – our lives, lifestyles and the impact it has on other people and the planet.

First of all, I was very surprised by the media from around the world that were mostly talking about the possible negative aspects a population of 7 billion people will have on the economy, the planet and the overall wealth of nations. Many reports and articles were talking about the difficulties to produce enough food to feed the earth population. By the way, out of all people on this planet about 1 billion are hungry every day. On the other hand, the most advanced countries on the planet produce enough food to make sure that everybody on this planet could have enough to eat and would not need to starve. The challenge is not that we cannot feed all these people, it is that we do not want feed all of them. It is a problem of distribution and not of production. Something really to think about!

Secondly, it is great to hear from officials of the UN that they are celebrating a seven-billion person society as a success that people live longer are more healthy. However, we still have many diseases that are cured in many western countries, but they are still spreading around the world, mainly in poorer countries. Again a distribution problem and nothing that cannot be resolved, but are we willing to resolve this….

Population growth rate world 2005-2010 UN

Thirdly, some people argue that we are running out of space for all the people to live and many cities around the world having problems with many more people arriving in the urban centres of the world to find a better life. This challenge might even increase when the sea water levels will rise around the globe as most urban centres are on the coasts or on river deltas. Again something that can be resolved by given people the opportunity to survive away from the cities. This might be a major undertaking, but it is possible if only a few more people want it and take actions.

And finally, I think it is a great opportunity for humankind to make things much better. Overall, the earth’s population is becoming younger, and therefore we have more creative minds on this planet to resolve all our challenges we face today and will in future. The only thing we need to do is to make sure that we give people an opportunity to grow, create an income and live in peace with each other. I think that we as humans have faced many challenges while being on this planet and always managed to find a way to resolve them, therefore I trust in our ability to make it happen again and again. Additionally, I do believe if more people would act up on their beliefs of freedom, peace and equality we could make the changes that are necessary to make it possible that every  person can have a life worth looking forward to.

Let me know your thoughts!

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