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Quote of the day

Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.

Helen Steiner Rice


Reflecting on 2011

Inspired by an email I received today from business partners in Hungary,  I would like to share with you some thoughts about the upcoming festive season. It is always the time when we start to relax and maybe reflect on the past year while sitting not in front of the TV, but in a candle lid room and these fantastic Christmas smells. And I don’t know about you – but after having reflected on the past year, there comes the time to look ahead into the new year, the future, of what might be and want we want to achieve or make different.

Personally, I am happy to say that 2011 was a great year with many interesting people that I met and lot’s of new things that I learned. I am very thankful that I have an amazing family and the best girlfriend I can imagine to support me in all my endeavours – if sometimes stupid or not! I know that we will have many, many happy years ahead and will life a fulfilled life. One of the most exciting things that I will take with me from this year was that my dreams or goals are more precise and I have a better idea what I want to do, what person I would like to be and how my life shall look like in future, which according to many people are the foundation to a happy life. A small step on a long journey, but  life will  always be a journey and that makes it fun!

However, I did not achieve all the goals that I did set out to achieve this year, but I honestly believe that this will change in 2012 for the better. I do believe that a year when the Olympics will come to London there will be a lot of exciting things happening and I will be able to play a part in it and will take the necessary steps towards my life goals.

I wish that all of you will have a great festive season as well. I do hope that you will take some time to reflect on the past year and to say thank you to one’s you love. But also look forward to an even better year 2012 with so many things to learn, explore and experience.

And I would like to end this post with a saying that really made me think this year a lot: “In the end everything will be fine. But if it not fine that it is not the end yet.”

The Christmas tree dilemma

Every year in December, many families around the world have to make a very important decision to make – what kind of christmas tree to buy. Since, I am living together with my girlfriend this decision seems to always start a discussion. The dilemma is if it should be a real Christmas tree or a plastic one and there are many arguments for both sides. here you read about my opinion on having a real Christmas tree in your home.

Candle and decoration on a German Christmas tree

Image via Wikipedia

One of my main arguments for having a real Christmas tree instead of an artificial one is that it gives the room a natural smell. When I was a child there was no option of buying a plastic tree and therefore, I got used to having a real in the house. I think it is much more authentic and reminds me of my childhood and give me that homely feeling.

Additionally, I think that it is a small part of being sustainable as these trees are made into compost after the festive season and are grown again to new trees every year. In recent years, my family in Germany even went that far to keep the trees and plant them int he garden. Some made it and some not, but overall a way of reusing it.

On the other hand, my girlfriend Kriszti prefers to have a plastic tree around for Christmas. It is reusable for many years – that is true. However, it is a nother piece of plastic around in the house and we do have enough of these around. Moreover, I think it does not look as nice as a real Christmas tree and does not remind me of my childhood with all the lovely smells.

English: An artificial Christmas tree.

Image via Wikipedia

Another point the plastic tree side is making that you do not have to clean around the tree every day to clean up all the pine-needles. However, out of my own experience there are some Christmas trees that will stay with all there needles on for about 3 weeks without loosing too many such as the abies nordmanniana.

To make a long story short, I think that there are many arguments to both sides. In my opinion it comes down to personal taste and this can always be argued. Do you have the same discussion in your family? What kind of Christmas tree do you prefer? Let me know!

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