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I am a 32-year-old, German living in London for some time now. I am really enjoying the city and the vibrant atmosphere apart from tube journeys during rush hour and tourists opening maps in the middle of the road and always asking me for directions ( As they would know that I am working in the hotel industry for more than 10 years now). I am interested in many things from cooking to world politics and everything in between. Unfortunately (or shall I say luckily), most people find my outlook for the next 50 years in how we will live and work in an increasing hostile world with decreasing resources (I am thinking mainly about water) for an ever faster growing world population, not so exciting and rather don’t want me to talk about it.

Due to some project work with some word-of-mouth companies during my study time in Oxford, I got involved in some social media projects and got really excited about the variety of people who share their thoughts and lives online, but I never found the need to join the blog community with my own blog – until now.

Since I started this blog in September 2011, I have been on and off from writing this blog and I even started another blog capitalsonpostcards.wordpress.com some month ago. I will slightly change this blog into a very personal blog about my thoughts and the journey of my life. I really hope that I can share some interesting things on these pages and you will get to know me a bit better. Currently, my life is not overly exciting but I will certainly work in 2014 towards making it much better and more enjoyable. After all, we only have one life and we should life it to the full every day.


3 responses to “About”

  1. Gavin P. says :

    Hi Roman, nice blog, keeping it coming.. great read.
    Gavin P.

  2. manuela kirner says :

    Hallo Roman, ich bin sicher 2012 wir ein spannendes Jahr für Euch und du wirst Deine Ziele konkretisieren. Euer Netzwerk wird wachsen und wir glauben an Euch und freuen uns auf tolle Ergebnisse in London ! Schöne Weihnachtszeit, Zeit zum planen und einen gelungenen Start in 2012
    Eure Freunde aus Deutschland Manuela & Herbert und Jungs

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