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Rethinking the bucket list

It is already the 4th January and I still have not started any of my new years resolutions apart from a very bad attempt to get fitter and struggling to motivate myself on a daily basis to continue. However, the plan is to write down the resolutions for 2014 tomorrow together with my girlfriend and come up with a bucket list for this year. We have been really successful in working through our bucket list in 2013 and shared some really amazing moments together. Additionally, we will start again our dream wall to keep focus on the things that really matter to us and we want to achieve.

While writing this post, I did a bit of research on the internet in regards to bucket lists and the things that might be important to be on this list. And here is a video that I found about rethinking the bucket list. It really is thought provoking, gives a different perspective to things and is a reminder about what really matters.

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