Life can be so simple

Isn’t it true that we sometimes make things more complicated than they actually are? I just watched this wonderful little video and it made me think.

Every day we do things a little bit more complicated. For example, in business I am constantly thinking about the next new marketing tool that I can use to get more customers instead of just talking to people I know and meet every day and tell them about the products we sell in our business. This is not just much cheaper and cost effective, but also much more fun. Additionally, it is a proven thing that people trust people more when they know them already and get a recommendation.

Another great example at the workplace might be that we doing meetings after meetings in order to make sure that everybody knows everything and the service levels do increase. However, by being in meetings all the time and talking about what should be done, we actually forget to have enough people on the floor to provide a great customer service experience.

Unfortunately, I currently cannot recall anything that I do in my private life that could be all a bit more straight forward or made easier. But I am sure there are many things that can be simplified and actually would work better with less stress or workload. Therefore, think before you do things.

Maybe you have something that just came into your mind when you watched the above video or read this post. Please share your thoughts.

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