Successful or very successful…that is the question

A couple of weeks ago, during a meeting, one of my business partners was sharing this very interesting piece of information with me. She explained to me the difference between successful and very successful people and what they do differently.

Just to give you some estimated figures, as unfortunately I cannot remember the exact numbers, but I will just use them to illustrate my points. About 3% of all students were very successful in their studies, another 9% were successful students, another 67% of students taking part in this research were average students and finally the remaining 21% needed to have some additional help for their studies.

But let’s focus on the top 12% of the students. What makes the difference between successful and very successful students. First of all, all succesful students were making a plan for their studies and were setting themselves goals and break down the work load compare to the average students. Secondly, very successful students were additionally not just making a plan, but writing it down and stick to it to become very successful in their field of study.

For me, this were very important facts and it explained to me why I was successful in some area and not so successful in other areas as it all depends on having plan that will get you to your goals, write it down to visualise it and stick to it until you have achieved your goals.

RMS Queen Mary 2 Arrives in San Francisco

Image by Telstar Logistics via Flickr

Additionally, when you look at what the difference is between successful and very successful people in life, successful people will be able to enjoy a cruise on the Queen Mary 2 once during their lifetime where very successful people will have the opportunity to go on this cruise liner at any point in time and as often as they want. For successful people might only be able to afford this kind of trip at a later age through their savings, but very successful people can even do at a younger age and have the time to do it any time they want.

That gave me some stuff to think about when I heard it a couple of weeks ago. I never had the trouble planning things ahead and setting myself some goals, but I never really wrote them down and stick to them. Therefore, I now know what I will need to change to become even more successful in my line of work and in my business.

What are your thoughts about it? Do you write down your dreams and goals? Do you have written plan that will take you there? How do you stick to it in difficult times?

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