Dell and customer service

Only three days in my challenge and I already struggle to find something I can write about. It is not that I don’t have enough ideas or subject I would like to write about, but most of them actually need a bit of further research to put together something really good of a post. I also might need to get used to writing a bit quicker as most days I will not have the time to research and write for about 2 hours. But enough of the waffling for now and here we go with my next post about customer service gone a bit wrong.

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I purchased a DELL XPS 1330 laptop about 3 years ago and was really happy with its performance design and the overall service. DELL is known for good customer service and value for money products as the company mostly uses the internet to distribute their products. About 3 weeks ago, my laptop started to running hot on a regular basis and actually switched off completely with a nice blue screen – we all don’t want to see – in order to prevent damage to the processor.

As I had this problem about 2 years ago and knew that after the while the ventilator will lose some performance due to dust blocking the filters and overall flow of cool air.

Knowing that I did purchase a 3 year guarantee package which I think came at a great deal at that time – I am even thinking about renewing it, knowing the potential problems with XPS machines – I called customer service to get an engineer over to replace the ventilator part. Having done that before I thought that it would not be much of a challenge for DELL as the first time I had that problem about 2 years ago, everything was done to my total satisfaction. Therefore, I was confident it would be the same this time, but it all went a bit different from what I expected. After some time explaining my case the help desk person ran mr through different scenarios of I should try before they would sent somebody out. As these checks determined that it must be a problem with the ventilator, we agreed to have an engineer sent out to my home to repair it in 2 days time, which I think is just great. However, they would not be able to give me a time slot for the engineer to arrive. The help desk clerk actually pointed out that they do not offer the option of morning or afternoon services as the engineers were running late and they got too many complaints. Therefore, DELL decided to not give time of day at all to increase customer service satisfaction. I could not believe what I was hearing!!!

Here we are – a customer service got reduced because too many people complained about the service delivery falling short of the companies promise and below customer expectations. I can only tell you that if we would work in the hospitality industry like that than we would lose customers very quickly.

Back to DELL  and me having the customer service clerk on the other line, I had not much choice but to agree to spend a day waiting at home for an engineer that might come between 8am and 5pm, as I was told.

The engineer arrived and was very pleasant to talk to and after 45 minutes everything was changed as requested. At that point, I was very happy and could not wait to get back on my laptop to catch up with some work, while discovering that the ventilator would not make a move at all and the laptop was running hot after 20 minutes worse than before.

It was time to call customer service again and I tried to speak to a supervisor straight away to get some quick results. I asked DELL customer services to call me back as I was calling from a mobile and the clerk declined my request as it was a busy day for them – by the way they usually offer to call you back, but not this time. After some discussion I got my call back from a supervisor who sincerely apologised and was able to help. The supervisor helped me to have an engineer arranged on a weekend as I was working all week and was not able to see anybody at my work place to fix my laptop. When I was asking for compensation, she first declined but finally agreed to send me a 500 GB external hard drive for the inconvenienced caused of not being able to work on my laptop for one week. Until now, three weeks later, I did not receive the promised external hard drive, which is again a bad experience of poor customer service.

To sum it all up, in general DELL seems to have good customer service, but in this case they did not deliver what they promised on two occasions. Do you have some bad customer service experience with DELL or any other company then please share it here in the comments.

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7 responses to “Dell and customer service”

  1. Jan Chaplin Tlustak says :

    Roman, just give me a call next time and you can save your week of hassle! 😉

    Apart of that, I like your blog so far, keep it up!!

    • mavegyver says :

      Thank you, Jan. I will certainly give you a call. I have been watching the engineer twice to take the laptop apart and change the motherboard and I am sure next time I will clean a bit myself. However, when I pay for a guarantee I am not opening it myself as I might lose it when somehting goes wrong. Additionally, most of the dust was actually unaccesable and I would not have been able to clean it as it wa in the ventilator unit.

  2. Peter Chapman says :

    Please do not get me started on Dell… how was the Bangalore call centre?

    I have lost day’s !!!! of my life trying to sort issues! Good Luck!

    I now totally refuse to use Dell computers because of this…

  3. Anne says :

    Funny that you are writing about Dell on your block. I actually read a similar story in the opening chapter of a really cool book by Jeff Jarvis. “What Would Google Do?” is a good read about ways for different industries to approach Web 2.0 marketing and do business “the google way”. Highly recommendable.

    Other than that I also had my experience with laptop breakdowns … right when I was starting to write my dissertation … not the best of memories.

    Keep up the good work on your blog it’s fun reading about these everyday topics.

    • mavegyver says :

      Thank you for your comment. I have heard about this book, but did not read it yet. I will definitely put on my list of books to read in the future. In regards to computer problems, I actually lost my memory stick at university with most of my essays from the first year on it. Lucky me, I still had a week to go for my next assigment which was just started a bit, so I did not really lose much. At that moment, I thnaked myself for writing everything last minute at university.

  4. Pewter Keychain says :

    You bring up several very helpful points. Well worth a read. I have passed your link through to friends

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