Shopping at Tesco

Today, I was shopping at Tesco and was overwhelmed by the cheer amount of people going shopping there around midday on a Friday. It seems like many more people work shifts than I thought or are still on holiday….!?

The reason, why I noticed this time the many people rallying through the corridors and stuffing their trolleys full with products, is that I was making some research on competitor products and their costs. It was amazing how many people spent time researching the right product for the right price and fight offer the best offers, when I was able to disregard these product areas at Tesco (or any other super market) in the past years as my products got delivered home and I had no intention of making price comparisons or worry about if it does what it says on the packaging. Amazing how much time and nerves I saved being able to avoid these areas.

Nonetheless, I committed myself to check out what is on the market and especially did some research on ecover products that are supposed to be market leading in regards to environmental friendliness. The result after checking out the prices and comparing them with products that I am selling in my business was shocking. I cannot believe that people are still buying these products in supermarkets and paying these prices when they are so many alternatives out there….!? The secret is free delivery on top of better value for money. Smart shopping is better than fighting about the best products offers in a super market on a weekly basis.

All in all, another succesful day that showed me that there is a big market out there for my business and the products as many people don’t seem to know the alternatives that can save them time and money.


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