My first blog post

Here we go! Finally, I managed to put together my first blog after being involved for quiet some time with social media. It seems like quiet a bit of a challenge to write a post per day for the next 365 days and I am already late as I have not posted anything last night, but the idea only really came to me late last night… excuse though!

Actually, I have to say that I am looking forward to the next year for a very special reason as it will be life changing with many things to come and do. Some fo you might wonder why I am talking about the start of a new year in September….. for my home business, that I started with my girlfriend about the same time last year, the business year just started yesterday. We tried many different things and made it work at some point or the other and managed to make a bit of money on the side, but still not enough that you can talk of a proper business. Now, that the new business year started we want to take the business more serious and will take you with us on our journey for the next 365 days of starting a small business and developing it into something big and great by helping people help themselves. In my opinion, the best business in the world if you can give something to people and become succesful by making other people succesful and their dreams come true.

Talking about dreams – one of my favourite things I do – the next big dream is just around the corner to move to our own little flat by March 2012. There is still some time to go, but we are on the right track and will make sure that more money is coming into our products to afford something really nice next to the river Thames and in our prefered London area of Canada Water and Rotherhithe.

So, join us in our journey here on this blog!

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